Rotor System Analysis Engineer

Ankara, Türkiye

Job Description

  • Develop structural analysis models using Finite Element analysis / analytical tools and perform stress and fatigue analysis calculations to meet project requirements
  • Develop flexible multi-body dynamics models for evaluation of dynamic response and internal loads calculations
  • Develop software tools (with PYTHON, MATLAB, EXCEL, etc.) to support analytical calculations and design optimization.
  • Prepare test requests, participate in system test activities (laboratory/ground etc.), and evaluate test data
  • Participate in qualification and/or certification activities (system and/or equipment level) and prepare related documentation

Required Qualifications

  • Bsc or Msc degree in Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering,
  • Proficiency in written and verbal English,, (TOEFL 84+, IELTS 6,5+, TOMER 79+ITEP 4+)  
  • Experience in 3D CAD design (CATIA V5/NX etc.)
  • Understanding of the fundamentals of structural dynamics, solid mechanics and multi-body dynamics
  • Experience min.3years in Finite Element Analysis Tools (ABAQUS, NASTRAN etc.)
  • Experience in MATLAB
  • Familiarity with Software Programming Languages (Python, Java, C++ etc..)

Preferred Additional Qualifications

  • Solid analytical background in structural dynamics, solid mechanics or multi-body dynamics
  • Experience in Aerospace Product Development
  • Experience in Testing Activities